Another Post

Today I wanted to write a little bit about our decision to use vitamins/oils/supplements ect for our kiddo. In my post yesterday I spoke about how we decided against pharmaceutical medications. Again, each parent and journey is different so I def don’t knock anyone or judge anyone for what choices you have made. In our case, it wasn’t the best for our daughter. Through my research and my experiences with her, I felt like the medications they offered would do more harm than good.

As a baby she was put on an anti seizure med and the side effects were awful. We weaned her off and she has been seizure free almost 11 years now. ( Again another post I’ll write about later) Once she was off the med I decided I wanted to really feed her body what it needed to be healthy. I didn’t go all crazy and make her live off of stems and leaves 😉 but I did cut a lot of processed food from her diet, I started incorporating fresh food that I grew in my garden.. ( I planted a garden for this reason, and it is easier than you think trust me). She is a picky eater but we found foods she will eat and got creative. I started slowly replacing my food I already had in the house with organic food, and I started using “clean” shampoo, soap, laundry soap ect for her. When I cost compared the prices weren’t that different. You can find some really good brands on Amazon, Walmart and Smith’s. A

It is amazing the difference in her once we started feeding her body what it craved. She is still a happy flappy kid but less meltdowns, less anxiety and I see growth in her that only us parents of kids on the spectrum ” get”. I guess another thing I want to point out is that as a parent we know when something doesn’t feel right or if our kids are off… research, ask questions, get second opinions and find a team of doctors who support how you want to approach care. As I said before out team is 100 on board with how we do things and with that, comes good results. Always run the supplements by your doctor, make sure you are being safe, and I am not a doctor offering advice, just a mom offering some insight to what works for us. Anyway, I am going to finish my cup of coffee now and carry on with the day! 🙂


The Beginning

I have decided to revamp my blog. My thoughts were scattered and I think I would like to take a moment and really organize myself. First off, let me introduce myself. I am mom to a little girl who has autism. Now that this is out of the way, I would like to say that her diagnosis is only part of what makes her. I read through my old posts and was reading what I had typed and it was boring. We all go through hard times, and that is a given.

I want to start not from what we are missing out on ( so they say), but rather I would like to explore and share the way we approach her daily to do list. First off, my daughter is 11. She was diagnosed at 4, but we knew at 2 she had autism. She is mostly non verbal, but she still gets her message out loud and clear! Secondly, I want to say that I do not approach her care in the “traditional” sense. She is a hands on, has to have supervision type of girl. Doctors originally told us she needed to be on plethora of medications…

(she’s not), and that she was going to be completely dependent on us.. (she isn’t). Once we met with these doctors we decided that we didn’t want to go that route and we decided to explore our options. I found a team at the Children’s Hospital in our area that supported our choice to address her needs in a more natural and non medicated sort of way. I don’t knock those who do use medications, each child is different, but for us it was not the option we chose. We wanted to embrace all the quirks that make her unique and at the same time we want to help her navigate the world with more ease. It is hard when you are told you have to change everything about your child in order fit in… that is when we said, nope she will grow at her own pace and do what she is meant to do. Currently she is still an awesome, happy kid who may not speak sentences, but she still tells you everything in her own way.

My hope is to use this writing to help me air out my thoughts, maybe reach out to someone else who might be wondering if what they are doing is “normal. Perhaps, maybe meet and mingle with other parents to kids on the spectrum and just explore how we all do what we do. I can say that for myself, when her diagnosis became official, I decided to research everything there was on autism. I looked into everything I could get my hands on. So some of the things, as I said may not be what someone else thinks is best but it does give some ideas on how we all approach our kids. I promise my posts will not be coffee fueled and sleep deprived this go around. I did save my old posts however, reading them takes me back to that emotion 🙂 Happy Monday everyone!